PAOLI, Pa. (August 8, 2019) – Superchargers are a quick and effective way of adding a substantial amount of power to your Mustang, making it a wish list item for many due to their initial cost and complexity to install. Although a supercharger may seem expensive up front, the power gains in return from the initial investment are superior to many of the other power adder options in the aftermarket including adding nitrous oxide or turbo charging your Mustang.

With the variety of brands and styles of Mustang superchargers available, AmericanMuscle (AM) has created and published their definitive technical guide to superchargers. Explaining everything from the basics, pros and cons, maintenance, to how they work (thanks to the addition of infographics), AM’s supercharger tech guide provides the information to turn any novice car enthusiast into a full-blown blower expert.

Check it out here: